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Entre Palmeras Rooftop Bar

Welcome to your tropical oasis in the middle of Alcaidesa - Entre Palmeras Rooftop Bar! The rooftop deliver not only an astonishing view of La Alcaidesa and the Strait of Gibraltar but also veery good food and cocktails! 

The best classic and Entre Palmeras original cocktails that we mix here are already known in the area. We place the greatest emphasis on keeping our drinks at the highest level. Using fresh fruit, herbs and the finest alcohols, we are always happy to serve you your favorite cocktail.

Come visit us and feel the rooftop atmosphere! You can also check out our rooftop events if you scroll down a bit!

OFYR Grill

We welcome our newest addition to the family - our OFYR Grill! Every day from Tuesday - Sunday we fire up for cozy BBQ evenings at the rooftop. 

From our farms, seas, oceans, rivers, forests and fields to your plate - fresh fish, meat and vegetables straight from the grill! Watch us grill, roast and smoke the finest products from the area with open fire right in front of you. We put on the grill what we have of fresh products every day! You can expect daily specials!

Our Events


Get comfortable at Entre Palmeras rooftop bar and let our bar supervisor Dawid Fierek guide you through the flavours of his well establish cocktail menuWith fresh ingredients and spirits that we bring from all over the world, you can now step by step acquire the knowledge to make your very own cocktail! 


Every day between 16:00 and 18:00 in our fantastic Bar on the Rooftop bar manager Dawid serves selected classic and original cocktails as part of happy hour. During this time, if you order a selected cocktail, you will receive it twice!


Welcome to the Artful Creative Club with KAKE, a one-of-a-kind initiative designed for all of you who seek a haven of creativity and self-discovery. KAKE´s essence lies in embracing the journey of creativity itself, rather than fixating on the end result. With a focus on holistic personal growth, our art classes provide a unique space where you can immerse yourself in learning, artistry, and mindful exploration.

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