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The perfect getaway

Exclusive Rooms

Our hotel is a small and intimate hotel with nine exclusive rooms.

Each room has it's own, private terrace where you can enjoy a little privacy.


It's the perfect place to chill out after a long day golfing, or touring the natural landscapes and charming villages surrounding this enclave. It's also a great place to enjoy a relaxed breakfast with a stunning view of Gibraltar.


Each room also has a unique and exotic look to complete the vibe of our gorgeous hotel, restaurant, and lounge. Not one of our rooms looks the same!

Which one will you get?

Exclusive Rooms
Exclusive Rooms
Exclusive Rooms
Exclusive rooms

Entre Palmeras Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

We are a diverse team hailing from various countries including Norway, Spain, Poland, and Slovakia.


United by our shared passion for hospitality, we have come together in the enchanting region of Andalusia. At Entre Palmeras Restaurant, we take great joy in welcoming guests and creating memorable experiences.


Through our culinary creations, exquisite cocktails, and carefully curated wine selections, we aim to showcase our unique identity. Your satisfaction and the opportunity to host you repeatedly bring us immense joy.

Restaurant Alcaidesa
Restaurant Alcaidesa
Rooftop Bar
Restaurant Alcaidesa

About the area

Alcaidesa is a charming town in the Costa del Sol where local Spanish residents and visitors from all over the world meet. This is a picturesque settlement where many investments and interesting projects have been taking place in recent years.


Thanks to this, tourists can enjoy Alcaidesa’s quality through golf courses, restaurants, bars, shops, gyms, and exclusive hotels. One famous golf course that is part of Alcaidesa is the Hacienda.


The Valderrama field is also very close. Alcaidesa is located 9km from Gibraltar, 9km from Sotogrande, 30km from Estepona, and 50km from Marbella, making this region attractive.

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